Born in 1978 in Worcester, South Africa, and raised in the Southern Cape. Ingrid graduated with a BA(FA) degree from the University of Stellenbosch, near Cape Town, SA in 2003.
Before and during her studies she had worked and travelled throughout various continents.
In her final year at Stellenbosch, she accepted a student exchange scholarship to study at
Chapman University in Orange, California.
Since graduating she has accepted sessional lecture positions in printmaking at the University of Victoria
and has assisted at Camosun College as graphic design assistant and printmaking techician.
The drastically disparate degrees of power, wealth, and consumption found in all societies impelled Ingrid
to question consumerism as a discourse.
The narrative drawings often features suited figure/s in a dream-like, awkward, lonely and absurdly humorous way.
As seen in her Fat Man Series, she chooses to document the illusion of power that attends consumer spending.
The risk of the unknown has been a catalyst to many of her adventures.
Ingrid presently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Exhibition Background
2009ingrid klasen"Fat Man Eating", The fifty fifty Arts Collective, Victoria, Canada,
2012ingrid klasen"Southern Cape Winter Show", Strydom Gallery, George, South Africa
2012ingrid klasen"Circles, Cycles and Seasons", Strydom Gallery, George, South Africa
2011ingrid klasen"Southern Cape Winter Show", Strydom Gallery, George, South Africa
2011ingrid klasen"Summer Southern Cape Show", Strydom Gallery, George, South Africa
2010ingrid klasen"Postcard Exchange & Exhibition", Alberta Printmaker's Society & Artist Proof Gallery, Calgary, Canada
2009ingrid klasen"What is a Dollar Worth?", Digital Iss.#3, Bell Roberts Gallery, Cape Town, SA
2009ingrid klasenInvitation to show in "Re-Gifted", Deluge Contemporary Art, Victoria, Canada
2009ingrid klasen"Christmas Show", Exchanges, Victoria, Canada
2008ingrid klasen"Gift", Ministry of Casual Living, Victoria, Canada
2008ingrid klasen"Live Stock Show", Print Submission, Victoria, Canada
2008ingrid klasen"Residency Exhibition", Open Space, Victoria, Canada
2008ingrid klasen"Almost Eight Sixteenth", University of Victoria, Canada
2008ingrid klasen"Ambidextrously", The Project Room, Victoria, Canada
2007ingrid klasen"Dawn to Dawn", Midland Lutheran College, Fremont, USA
2007ingrid klasen"Dawn to Dawn", Concordia University, Irvine, USA
2006ingrid klasen"Dawn to Dawn", CAPO Beach Calvary, Capistrano Beach, USA
2005ingrid klasen"Summer Show", RobsArt Gallery, RobsArt, Canada
2003ingrid klasen"Graduation Show", University of Stellenbosch, SA
2002ingrid klasen"Timo Smuts Exhibition", Dorp Street Gallery, Stellenbosch, SA
2002ingrid klasen"Fall Show", Guggenheim Gallery, Chapman University, Orange, USA
2002ingrid klasen"Africa Comics" Bologna, Italy
1989ingrid klasenSanlam Children's Art Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan

2003ingrid klasenBA(FA), The University of Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch, South Africa
2002ingrid klasenBA(FA) International Exchange Student, Chapman University, Orange, USA
2008-'09ingrid klasenContinuous Studies, University of Victoria, Canada
2008-'09ingrid klasenIndependent Studies, Camosun College, Victoria, Canada

Awards & Professional Development

2009ingrid klasenInvitational Artist Workshop, Camosun College, Victoria
2008ingrid klasenIsland Mountain School Artist Residency, Wells
2008ingrid klasenActing curator for "Ambidextrously", The Project Room, Victoria
2008ingrid klasenMy Art Space online Featured Artist, "My Art Space" Website
2008ingrid klasenToni Onley Residency Scholarship, Wells
2009ingrid klasenInstructional Skills Workshop Certificate, Camosun College, Victoria
2002ingrid klasenTimo Smuts Award for Illustration, University of Stellenbosch, SA
2002ingrid klasenExchange Student Scholarship, University of Stellenbosch, SA
2002ingrid klasenGuggenheim Gallery Fall Show Art Award, Chapman University, Orange, USA
2002ingrid klasenProvost Distinction Merit, Chapman University, Orange, USA
2002ingrid klasenPublished in "Africa e Mediterraneo " with Special Mention, Bologna, Italy
1989ingrid klasenSanlam Children's Art Award, Sanlam Insurance, SA & Taiwan


2009ingrid klasenArticle in "The Nexus" for a show co-curated by myself & Brenda Petays, Victoria
2008ingrid klasenIllustration & biography published in "Africa e Mediterraneo Magazine", Bologna, Italy,
2002ingrid klasenArticle in "Die Burger" for Timo Smuts Award, South Africa, 2002
2002ingrid klasenTelevision's M-Net "Kyknet" interview for Timo Smuts Award, Stellenbosch

Work Experience

2012ingrid klasenPrint for Money Exchange, Malaspina Non Profit Artist Run Centre, Granville Island, Vancouver, Canada
2007-2010ingrid klasenGraphic & Web designer Victoria, Canada
2006-'10 ingrid klasenVisual Arts Printmaking Technician, part-time, Camosun College, Victoria, Canada
2008 & '09ingrid klasenSessional Instructor in Printmaking, University of Victoria, Canada
2006-'08cvbreakerGraphic Design Instructional Assistant, Camosun College, Victoria, Canada
2006-'07cvbreakerPhotographer, Western Development Museum, Saskatoon, Canada
2003cvbreakerGraphic Designer, Vancouver, Canada
2002cvbreakerComputer Lab Assistant, Chapman University, Orange, USA
2002cvbreakerArt Gallery Assistant, The African Odyssey Gallery, Aspen, USA
2001-'02 cvbreakerAssistant to Prof. v. Robbroeck, The University of Stellenbosch, South Africa